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Technology has not only infiltrated our work and personal lives, it’s also a major topic in the daily news cycle. But when traditional media shares headlines about things like the latest tech start-up’s billion-dollar valuation, or say a certain political party’s servers getting hacked, the coverage tends to be rather surface-level or quickly gets distracted by more salacious storylines.

The global technology industry is a powerful engine of innovation that drives the economy. It’s also a collection of insular communities full of hidden projects, quiet rivalries, and uncomfortable truths.Decrypted
Enter Decrypted, a new Bloomberg Technology podcast. Not to be confused by the Ars Technica entertainment podcast of the same name, this technology podcast takes a deeper look at tech stories that affect our lives and the world around us.

This latest episode explains the actual process of how the U.S. government, aided by third-party experts, arrived at the conclusion that Russian spies are the likely culprits in the recent DNC hacking case. Perhaps most alarming is the potential of further influence on our political process. Specifically, the ability of hackers not to commit actual voter fraud but to change voter records, so that people could show up to their voting precinct only to find that they are no longer registered to vote there.

The first few episodes of Decrypted are hopefully a sign of more to come. The various Bloomberg editors and reporters who report, produce and host the show do a great job of finding an engaging tech topic, uncovering something new and worthwhile within the story, all while making it an approachable and interesting story. Not an easy feat when you consider the opaque industry they’re covering.

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