Podcast of the Week: Off the Cuff with Jared Huffman

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Off the Cuff with Jared Huffman

This week, we’re breaking from our rule of not promoting our own podcasting clients in our Podcast of the Week series. The fact is, we’re too excited not to share the first episode of Off the Cuff with Jared Huffman, hosted by Congressman Jared Huffman.

Congressman Huffman represents California’s 2nd District (including Marin County, where Tales Untold Media is headquartered), and we’re thrilled not only to have him as our Representative, but also that he’s jumping into the world of podcasting. Off the Cuff was conceived with the idea that it will allow Congressman Huffman to keep us all informed of what he and his colleagues are accomplishing in D.C., and how he is representing the interests and concerns of California’s North Coast.

From our perspective, podcasting is the perfect medium for politicians to quickly and efficiently connect directly with their constituents. There’s no media filter to contend with, and they can literally speak directly to us. We’re excited to see where Off the Cuff takes us as listeners, and what we can achieve with the podcast as producers and supporters of Congressman Huffman.

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