Podcast of the Week: Presidents are People Too!

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Podcast of the week Presidents are People Too

OK, so you’re headed to Thanksgiving with the family, and of course politics are going to come up, but you’re feeling a little drained and aren’t really looking forward to getting yourself (or possibly a half-informed, overly passionate relative…) riled up again.

Well then, here’s the perfect solution to steer the political conversation toward something less combustible: Audible’s original podcast series, Presidents are People Too!

Hosted by former Daily Show head writer Elliott Kalan and historian/author Alexis Coe, the show “recasts each of the American Presidents as real-life people, complete with flaws, quirks, triumphs, scandals and bodily ailments.”

He wasn’t just this egotistical, arrogant mess. He was a nerd. John Adams was our first nerd President.Presidents are People Too!
This latest episode is about our second President, John Adams. You’ll learn more about him through a trip to his farm, his original diaries and letters, and even a butt joke.

To be clear, Presidents are People Too! is not a comedy podcast. Its focus is on humanizing our leaders who have otherwise been dehumanized over decades—even centuries—of dry textbooks and droning college lectures. The writing and presentation is lighthearted and casual, but you’ll come away with more knowledge than laughs. (We mean that in a good way.)

Presidents are People Too! is one of a series of new “Audible Originals,” as the audiobook publisher is making a clear play toward growing its podcast library. While the basic podcast feed is available via iTunes and Stitcher, additional content for this show and others are included in Audible Channels (in the Audible app), free for Audible members and Amazon Prime members.

Each episode of Presidents are People Too! is under 30 minutes long, so even if you’re only driving across town for Thanksgiving dinner with the family, you’ll have enough time to bone up on some quirky Presidential history, thus allowing you to quickly disarm that uncomfortable moment when someone inevitably references making America great again…

You can thank us later.

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