Podcast of the Week: Stuff You Should Know

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Podcast of the Week Stuff You Should Know

How does the census work? What exactly IS a Ham Radio? Do taxes on alcohol keep people from drinking more?

If you ever find yourself wondering about stuff you feel like you should know, then give a listen to… Stuff You Should Know.

Each episode, hosts Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark set out to teach us, the stumbling masses, about common things and how they work. The success of the podcast has allowed them to parlay it into a mockumentary-style TV show that combines the actual (non-fictional) podcast with deadpan humor.

And now, for something completely different…

In this latest episode, How Monty Python Worked, the hosts talk about how the comedy group originally formed, share some behind-the-scenes stories about their legendary films, and explore what made them so funny. Recorded live at LA Podfest a few weeks ago, this episode isn’t quite as elucidating as, say, exposing the hidden world of fish fraud in the seafood industry. But if you’re at all a fan of comedy, you pretty much should know all there is to know about Monty Python.

Now go away, or we shall taunt you a second time.

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